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Thread: love poems

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    love poems

    I couldn't stop thinking about you all night long.
    Whenever I closed my eyes, I would see you smiling at me.
    With your arms wrapped around me tight, it felt so good.
    And the best part of all was when your lips touched my lips
    As we made the perfect kiss.
    And all I could think about is you.
    You, You, and Only You.
    And I feel so restless,
    So eager to see you.
    To be held close in your arms.
    And I wanted to wake up to you.
    To find myself sleeping next to you.
    To feel your warm breath on my skin.
    To feel your warm touch on my hands.
    I just want to be with you.
    To breathe the air you breathe.
    To share a laugh or two.
    To be in bed with you.
    And I want to hear your voice again.
    To hear you say my name.
    To whisper soft words of love.
    To tell me I'm worth so much.
    And I wish I could be right there with you right now.
    Asleep in your arms.
    Dreaming of love.
    If only I could be with you,
    my restless loving heart.

    Far Beyond The Stars

    "Far beyond the stars, baby... "
    my lover said to me that night.
    I asked him, "How far can love take us?"
    he smiled and held me ever tight.

    I whispered, "That's impossible,
    no one knows how far that goes."
    He answered, "Don't you worry,
    we're going to be the first to know... "

    There under the moonlit heavens,
    we watched the stars pass by.
    But the night faded away quickly,
    as shooting stars do in the sky.

    That seems to be forever ago,
    when my love was here with me.
    Yet I can feel his warm caress,
    each night I live the memory.

    In a dream my lover came,
    asked if I'd care to touch a star.
    But I told him it's impossible,
    there's no way we'd reach that far.

    He said, "Nothing is impossible,
    where heaven meets eternity,
    Far beyond the stars my angel,
    is where your love has taken me..."

    I woke to look up at the stars,
    breathing the night's sweet-scented air.
    Perhaps my eyes had failed to see,
    but my lover wasn't there.

    On my bed, I cried alone,
    for he had vanished from my sight.
    I yearned to feel his warming lips,
    instead my tears kissed me goodnight.

    Since then my nights have been so dark,
    my dreams stopped bringing me my love.
    "Darling, have you forgotten me?!"
    I shouted to the stars above.

    That same night he appeared once more,
    but soon my dream would end.
    With tears I asked him one last questions,
    "where will we ever meet again?"

    He held me: "far beyond the stars, baby,
    where angels dream a dream so sweet,
    Where the sun bends to kiss the ocean,
    that is where you and I will meet."

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    good one
    thank u

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    THANX TO THOSE WHO READ MY POEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    nice poem beng

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    good poem Beng...especially the last one Far Beyond The Stars '

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    hanx for the replies

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