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Thread: short laughter

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    short laughter

    Warm and Moist

    MAN: I'd like to buy some dog food.
    CHECKOUT LADY: Do you have a dog?
    MAN: Yes.
    CHECKOUT LADY: Where is he?
    MAN: He's at home.
    CHECKOUT LADY: I'm sorry, I can't sell this dog food to you unless I see the dog. Store policy.
    The next day, the man returns.
    MAN: I'd like to buy some cat food.
    CHECKOUT LADY: Do you have a cat?
    MAN: Yes.
    CHECKOUT LADY: Well... where is he?
    MAN: He's at home!
    CHECKOUT LADY: Sorry, I can't sell this cat food to you unless I see your cat.

    The next day the man returns.
    CHECKOUT LADY: What's in the sack?
    MAN: Put your hand inside.
    CHECKOUT LADY: Hmmm... It's warm and moist! What is it?
    MAN: I would like to buy some toilet paper.

    Gloves and Panties

    A man went to a gift store to buy his girlfriend a pair of gloves. He had the manager try them on. She said they were perfect, so he had the manager wrap them up. When the manager gave him the gift she accidently gave him a pair of panties instead. When the girlfriend got the gift there was a note attached to it.

    The note read:

    Dear Honey, Hope you like the gift.The lady at store said they were perfect. I had her try them on for me. She looked more like a lady. I hope you will wear them for me Friday night.

    Love, Bobby

    PS:The latest style is to wear them folded in with a little fur showing.

    Pay A-tention

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto were camping out one night. Tonto, after having a very bad dream, woke up to see the stars up above him. He woke the Lone Ranger and said to him, "What you think?"

    The Lone Ranger replies reassuringly, "Well, Tonto, it's like this, God gives us miracles in life. Each day is a new beginning, just like every night there's a new star in the sky. What do you think?"

    Tonto looks at him, confused and says, "Tonto think someone stole tent."

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    nice .... and naughty too.....

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    Nice one

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