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Thread: Why Heat Is Dangerous Ask a Doctor.......

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    Why Heat Is Dangerous Ask a Doctor.......

    Pat-patient.....Doc- Doctor
    doc:- drinking(alcohol) is dangerous for u if u will continue drinking u will die.

    patkay sir...but can i ask u something.....why i can't drink...

    doc:- ur organs can't take anymore of that killing fire stuff.

    pat:- can i drink water sir.

    doc:- ya u can drink water that is good for u.

    pat:- can i eat fruits like grapes...

    doc:-ya fruits r good for u eat as much as u can

    pat:-can i eat sugar based items.

    doc:- yes u can

    pat:- i am confused sir alcohol is made of all these things the diff is just that all r heated up by fire together in a bowl..

    doc:- diff lies in heat.

    pat:-why r u kidding sir what can heat do to make a diff..

    doc:- i will explain.......if i will through dry mud on ur head from the top of the building will u get wounded.

    pat:-no sir.

    doc:-if i through water on ur head will u get hurt.(from the top of the building)

    pat:- no sir.

    doc:- if i mix water and mud and then bake them over heat to make a brick and the i throw that very brick on ur head then...

    pat:-what head will blast like watermelon.....

    doc:- see the diff lie's in the heat


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    heyyyy cool one
    tit for tat

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    Hey sunny good one

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    Good One Sunny

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    cheers all for ur replies(kalyan, deepti, maxjeolite)

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