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Thread: hi, can anyone help out from my problem

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    hi, can anyone help out from my problem

    hi frnz,

    my pc is infected with virus.i have scanned with has listed all virus files but it not remove those virus help me out from removing these virus from my pc


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    hey buddy look for the extensions of that files i mean complete path the virus gives for example( C:\Documents and Settings\Microsoft\Desktop)

    and then delete them manually....

    other way is install some another anti-virus like kasper, nod32....etc etc

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    try installing NOD32 Anti virus.... best according to me....
    after installing update it once and full scan ur PC it will surely delete those viruses...

    PM me if u have any problem in this matter..

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    viruses affected by
    PASSAMA 32;
    cannot be repaired , ur sys is affectd by these viruses so i think it is not possible to repair them but only way is that it wud b deleted by bullgaurd antiviruses,
    firstly the problems whn scand n repaired r not successd , so repeat the process of fixing it twice, then those files r removd
    thank u
    with regards

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    hi max thank u for ur reply

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    If ur system is windows XP then,
    right click on my computer,
    go to properties and click on restore,
    turn off system restore and reboot ur pc.
    Scan ur pc now and then reboot again.
    turn on the system restore now.

    Try out AVG free version.
    I had trojans which were deleted after this.

    Hope u succeed. Please reply.

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    bondomega007 is right..

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