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Thread: Some of the Best Moments in Life

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    Jasmine Surve

    Some of the Best Moments in Life

    Some of the Best Moments in Life

    * To fall in love.

    * To laugh until it hurts your stomach.

    * To find mails by the thousands when you return from a vacation.

    * To go for a vacation to some pretty place.

    * To listen to your favorite song in the radio.

    * To go to bed and to listen while it rains outside.

    * To leave the shower and find that the towel is warm.

    * To clear your last exam.

    * To receive a call from someone, you don’t see a lot, but you want to.

    * To find money in a pant that you haven't used since last year .

    * To laugh at yourself looking at mirror, making faces.))


    * Calls at midnight that last for hours.)

    * To laugh without a reason.

    * To accidentally hear somebody say something good about you.

    * To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep for a couple of hours.

    * To hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

    * To be part of a team.

    * To watch the sunset from the hill top.

    * To make new friends.

    * To feel butterflies! In the stomach every time that you see that person.

    * To pass time with your best friends.

    * To see people that you like, feeling happy.

    * To use a sweater of the person that you like and find that it still smells of their perfume.

    * See an old friend again and to feel that the things have not changed.

    * To take an evening walk along the beach.

    * To have somebody tell you that he/she loves you.

    * To laugh .......laugh........and laugh ...... remembering stupid things done with stupid friends.

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    Ya really its true, lovely post

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    Jasmine Surve
    Hi Deepthi,

    Thanx for ur reply........

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    hi jas,

    i started thinking about my past on readiong this....

    those are really true.....

    good one.....

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    really to be mentioned some of the fantastic moments.

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    S dinesh ur true

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    To laugh .......laugh........and laugh ...... remembering stupid things done with stupid friends.
    This I miss and remember the most.

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    hey Jasmine Surve nice post ...

    mostly true for me but few like first one .....they don't apply on me...

    still 85% goes correct for me

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    true...thnks for posting and keep it up..i enjoyed reading this...

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    ya these things r heart touching
    n unforgettable moments in life
    good one

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