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Thread: abt teachers of these days...

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    abt teachers of these days...

    Hi u think the teachers or the lecturers are very efficient these days?


    i think few r and few r not...

    There r many kinds of teachers...

    1. Will b strict and never teaches anything...
    2. Will b free and do not teach anything...
    3. Will b strict and teach all...
    4. Will b free and teach all...
    5. Will b strict but will teach according to hw students expect...
    6. Will b free and teach according to hw students expect...

    Well i think these r d only cases of teachers...
    i do not think there r many teachers of d last 2 types...
    some will b overconcious and will keep taking class for full period and make students too sleepy...

    wat r ur views?

    plz do post ur views...

    have a gr8 day frnds...
    bye tc

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    what u said is right,
    yaa i too find only this type of teachers,
    hard to find the last type of teachers,
    im also facin the same problem in my clg,
    will be free but dont come to colleges
    will be strict so failing students impressin
    with regard

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    hi darani wht u said is exactly correct these days we cant find teachers who do judgement to thier proffesion.becoz of tht we r they r losing their values tooo

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    ya darani its true good post

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    hi frnds...

    thnx for ur support....

    actually y i posted dis topic was bcoz i felt teachers keep complaining abt us. if we start complaining abt dem wat will happen?

    ok now if we did some mistake dey punish us. if dey do d mistake who will punish dem???

    who knows tat dey did a mistake? only we know. we in d sense i'm now speaking as a student.

    So plz give few ideas to overcome dese probs...

    have a gr8 day
    bye tc

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