A Software Engineer and his Project Manager were traveling in the Ooty Train. Just opposite to their seat a Beautiful girl was sitting with her aged Grand Mother.

Our Software Engineer was staring at the Girl without diverting his attention towards any other thing. That Girl also was swallowing him with her eyes.

After some time, the Train entered a Tunnel which was very dark. Suddenly in the compartment, there heard a Kissing sound and a slapping sound. When the train came out of the tunnel all were sitting silently. Now I bring the close up shot of the people in the compartment to reveal the thought of every individual.


Grand Mother: That boy is a Rascal, how dare he is to kiss my grand daughter! But my grand daughter is a Gem and so immediately she slap him.

Project Manager: How dare the Software Engineer is to kiss the Girl!, but how can she slap me fr his misbehaviour?

Girl: It was nice to get a sweet kiss from the boy. But I pity on him as my grand mother slapped him.

Finally our Hero the Software Engineer: It was sweetest moment in my Life, Because I kissed the Girl and at the same time, I slapped my Project Manager ….. hi …. Hi……!