hi frnds...now i'm here to share an incident wid u all...

few days ago i had my holidays and attended an inplant training. So i had to go through train and den bus. But while trying to take a bus i found tat few buses will not stop in the stopping where i have to get down.

So a bus came to the bus stop and i went to a passenger sitting inside the bus "Will this bus go to xxx". tat xxx is a location.

The passenger also said ya it goes. So i got in the bus. But the bus did not stop in the stopping where i need to get down. I asked tat passenger again tat "u only said it'll stop dere but the bus did not stop?"

for tat d passenger replied me "Remeber wat u asked me? U asked me whether the bus goes to xxx? And it has gone through tat way. If u wanna get down dere u should have asked me will d bus stop at xxx?"

I had no more answer for tat guy. In tamil film industry, dere is a comedian vadivelu. At last i was like a prey 2 tat passenger and bcame a vadivelu in tat situation.


So i got down at d next stopping and ran backwards to reach my destination.

Hard day.


have a gr8 day
bye tc