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Thread: Are u Drinking Water from plastic?

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    Are u Drinking Water from plastic?

    A wealth of medical research has revealed that a chemical used to make hard, clear plastics called bisphenol A (BPA), such as those found in baby bottles, food-storage containers and the lining of soda cans, has reached epidemic proportions in America.

    Each year, over 6 billion tons of BPA are used to make plastics. The problem occurs when the plastic is heated causing the chemical bonds that BPA forms to unravel contaminating the water or food it is held in.
    In addition, washing or exposing plastic to acidic foods can cause the

    BPA to leach out into the food.

    Plastic Industry in State of Denial

    And while the plastic industry fails to see the need for alarm regarding the health impact of this chemical, researchers with no ties to the industry beg to differ.

    Research Findings

    Scientist studying BPA have found that BPA imitates the sex hormone estradiol (estrogen). It is well accepted that even small amounts of estrogen can induce profound changes in the body. This has raised a red flag and caused concern amoung the scientific community that even the lowest levels of BPA could have a negative impact on one's health.
    There is growing evidence (among mice and rats) that low doses of

    BPA can cause:

    Early puberty
    Increased fat formation
    Abnormal behavior
    Disrupted reproductive cycles
    Structural damage to the brain


    So frnds....kindly avoid water from plastic...

    have a gr8 day
    bye tc

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    wow thanks for making me aware.

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