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Thread: Thank U my Friend......

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    Thank U my Friend......

    A friend is one who sees your need,

    And rushes to your side with lightening speed.

    A friend is one who never wants to see you cry,

    And wants to help in those sad times when all you can do is wonder, Why?

    A friend is one who isn't just available sometimes,

    But is there for both the good and bad times.

    A friend is one who appreciates your uniqueness,

    And won't take advantage of your weakness.

    A friend is one who won't cause strife,

    But will greatly enrich your life.


    A friend is someone just like you

    So please let me say "THANK YOU"

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    Thank you Lina

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    nice one lina.. true meaning of a freind.

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    Hey guys we r good frnds so pls cheers & enjoy our frndshp.........

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    when you look to merrior you will see your good freind

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    thanks for making me aware abt the meaning of a friend.

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    Yup u r right moh.........& saksham come on yaar u r a good frnd, so cheers both of u......

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    nice posting lina about friends....

    i'll like to add something...a true friend can't be explained as to understand the concept u need u have one...

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