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Thread: Internet Wife

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    Internet Wife

    Internet Wife

    So here I sit, in all my glory...
    Lend me an ear, and I'll tell ya a story...
    I once had a wife--she was such a dear,
    Then came the Net, and it all disappeared!

    Now there she sits, for hours on end...
    Don't care where I'm goin',
    don't care where I've been.

    It could be three, or it could be nine...
    she really doesn't care, long as she's online.

    She gets outta work and rushes home,
    She comes in yelling at me, "Get off the phone!"

    Where is the hug? Where is my kiss?
    But she's at the computer--that' s all she missed!

    Talking to cyber friends, checking the mail
    I might as well be in a Cyber Jail!

    My stomach's growling--it' s so unfair!
    No clean dishes and no clean underwear!

    Drink me a beer, stare at the walls
    I'll pick at my teeth and roam the halls,

    Farting and burping what a sight to see...
    Can you believe she's there??
    When she could be with ME!


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    hmmm.. thats a serioius problem.. will make sure not to have a net connection after i get married.. nice post.....

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    im sure it applies to internet husbands also. the worst is when the sports channels are full screen come world cups and the guys are lost.sure wish i could say i wont have an internet connection after i get a husband or a boy friend.

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    nice poem.

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