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Thread: each day i hate u less

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    each day i hate u less

    Every time I sit to write about you,
    A ll words seem to escape my inner self.
    Can you give me some kind of feeling?
    Hate, anger or maybe tension? any affection will do.


    "D o you remember", always comes at me strong,
    Any and every time I sit down to write about you,
    Y ellow and red signs, tell me to turn back.

    I ntolerable tolerance, I seem to feel, when;

    H ate I want to feel; but to you I feel none,
    A nger I felt at the time; slowly faded at the sight of you're face.
    T ension between me and you; lifted in a second,
    E xcitement rules, at the thought that you thought of me.

    Y esterday was yesterday, lets leave it at that,
    O ut the door, out of sight, out of mind and leave this,
    U nexplainable enjoyment at hearing you're voice.

    L et me hold you again, I forgive you, I forget.
    E very time I sit to write about you,
    Seeing you're picture, makes it all come flooding.
    Saying you're gone, only makes it worse.

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    Each day i should hate-------


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    gr8 poem.

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    Toooooo goooood.........deepthi

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    m doo

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    Thank you my dear friends

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