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Thread: Thrilling story you must read

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    Thrilling story you must read

    Read this true story... and let everybody you know in and around Bangalore ,
    especially Vijaynagar know this.......

    My friend lives in Bangalore ... One day she went to Vijayangar to visit her
    uncle for some days. One evening she and some other of my college
    friends went to PVR for a movie. She had so much fun that she forgot that it
    was very late. She reached Vijayangar around midnight......

    Shee had to walk about a mile from where her friend dropped her.... As she
    was walking alone, she could sense that the night felt very creepy as it was
    so dark. While walking, she was astonished to see an old creepy looking guy
    selling some books. It was a very unusual thing to see a thing like
    that..... It got the shivers on her when she noticed that her old guy is
    unusually pale and staring at him...

    The old guy said "Daughter why don't you get a would keep you
    company". Then she did something which she would regret for the rest of
    her life .........

    My friend started to act brave & thought why not & had a look at his
    collection.. she noticed that all the books were related to supernatural
    activities...but she found one that was very interesting. So she asked
    the old man "how much is it?"....

    The old guy replied, "Well daughter...this is an interesting's
    only for Rs 250. "

    My friend was shocked and said "'s expensive"

    This time the old man stared which freaked my friend. My friend quickly
    checked all his pockets & found Rs.200 & said "This is all

    I have." The old guy replied "It's OK daughter can have the book for that price"

    As! My friend was just about to run for home...the old man called back & said "Daughter ...
    Whatever happen, you don't ever flip the book to its last page... remember these words
    or you would regret it...!!!!!"

    My friend nodded and never looked back ... Reaching home...she
    quickly asked her Uncle whether there was any new old book seller
    nearby? The Uncle replied "not that I know of but ...we've heard that
    there's 1 old man comes once in a while during full moon nights but
    heard that there is something creepy about it...why daughter?"

    My friend freaked out... he told his uncle "nothing uncle...just
    asking". She started reading the book with the old man's words on
    his mind. At night, 2 o'clock, as she went to bed, a gush of wind blew
    which chilled him up to her bones. At that glimpse, she noticed the wind had
    blown the pages to its last page. He remembered what the old man has said!
    But we humans tend to have the tendency to know. Out of curiosity, she flipped
    to the last page & fainted...

    What she saw at the last page is stated below:

    Don't look further down if you have a weak heart I warn you


    Original price:-- Rs. 20/-

    Promotion price:-- Rs. 10/-

    he he he he he he

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    oh damn u scared the hell out of me...

    COOL POST...

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    Hmmm Sorry dear friend

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    no i was just explaining how i felt while reading it.
    Very well narrated.

    Thanks Once Again.

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    Really thrilling hahahahaha

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