Motivation around every corner
by Mike

Real quick note: This past weekend, I watched along with
milliöns of others the most wacky, thrilling football game
I think I ever witnessed.

But what made the Pittsburg Steelers-Indianapolis Colts
game inspire me most was what Jerome Bettis, the 5th
leading rusher in the history of the NFL, said afterward...
after his fumble with a minute left nearly lost it.

He said, "It would have been hard to end my career on a
play like that, live with that the rest of my life," he
said. "It probably was a situation where I definitely would
have had to come back."

And there you have it...

The mind-set of a champion, a winner in life.

After getting beaten up, stomped on and abused by opposing
300+ pound opposing lineman for 13 years, he would have
come back for one more year just because he wouldn't have
wanted his career to end with his mistake costing his team
a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

Yet every day, I see people give up on anything and
everything, even the easiest most simplistic of tasks. And
he'd be willing to endure torture because of a single
mistake made at the wrong time.

You see, Jerome and all the süccessful people we study in
our research have the ability to get motivated from almost
any stimulous.

- It's raining? Alright, I'll get that indoor project done today!

- Still raining? Great. We'll have our picnic indoors!

- Stubbed my toe? I will NEVER make a mistake like that again.

- Wind? How could I harness that to reduce energy costs
(and make monëy?)?

- Daughter killed by a drunk driver? That's how MADD
(Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) began. And it has save the
lives of thousands of people since 1980.


While life's inevitable challenges cause most people to
become smaller, less adventurous and even recede into a
shell as they get older, winners take every single tragedy,
problem, mistake and turn them into the reasons for their
süccesses and their happiness and their lasting legacy.

We get emails from people every day who don't know what to
do every day. Literally paralyzed. Not wanting to make
any mistakes. Fearing the next moment and the tragedies
that are sure to come.

I can remember what that was like 18 years ago...

Never again.