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Thread: About Hrithik Roshan

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    About Hrithik Roshan

    Hrithik Roshan

    Hrithik Roshan

    Date & Place of Birth:
    10th January,Mumbai

    Zodiac Sign:


    74 kg

    Distinguishing mark:
    Lots of them! One of them being my double thumb

    Current Job:

    Previous Job:
    Assistant Director

    When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is run on a treadmill for half an hour on an empty stomach.

    I am doing this job because: That's what I do best!

    Earliest childhood memory:
    My dad trying to teach me how to ride a bicycle.

    First record you bought:

    For my breakfast I usually have four egg whites and one egg yolk, a toast and a glass of Myoplex.

    My lunch comprises Dal and some Sabzi. I enjoy eating vegetarian food sent from home. Sometimes there is pasta.

    Once in a week I freak out on all sorts of fried food- French Fries, Potato chips and biryanis. Also pizza's and Mc Donald's burgers.


    I snack on protein bars and health food like soya chaklis and stuff like that.

    Last CD you bought:
    Koi Mil Gaya! I was in Ladakh when the music released so I went and bought it from the market there.

    First poster you put up on your wall:

    Worst item of clothing you ever bought: I don't buy my own clothes. It's eother mom,Suzanne or Rocky S. So of I don't like anything I return it right back!

    Most embarrassing thing you have done recently:
    Sometime back I entered Maurya Sheraton in Delhi and there was this bunch of girls. As soon as they saw me they screamed and yelled. And all I did was bow politely and say, "Thank you!" As soon as I turned I realized how silly that must have sounded!

    Wackiest dream you've had:
    We were shooting in Ladakh for Farhan's Laksh and one night I dreamt that all of us,the cast, Sharad, Zutshi, Sushant are robbing a bank! Zutshi gets killed and I get shot.Amidst all this , I am giving sermons that yeh achi baat nahi hai; we should not loot the bank! I thought it was really weird, but maybe the effect of shooting war scenes during the day led to the bank robbery!

    Have you ever broken law?
    Oh yes a couple of times! In fact my driver broke six signals everyday when I was late to school! I have always got caught whenever I broke the signal.

    Funny incident you've had with the traffic police:
    I had tinted glasses om my car and a cop stopped my driver and he was very angry. I popped my head out and said it was for security. To begin with, he did not recognize me and kept arguing while the other cop with him kept nudging him, whispering my name. when he realized who I was, he said, `Kya saab aapne bataya kyon nahin'. I smiled, ` Main kya bataoon aap toh mujhe dekh rahe hein!'

    The way to get through tough times in life.

    Tears to me are:
    A sign of good times ahead.

    Describe yourself in one word:
    That's a tough one! I really can’t do that, it's very hard to describe myself. Infact I am still getting to know myself!

    I am a good boy because:
    I give people the benefit of doubt, I don't go on hearsay and I believe in the inherent goodness of every human being.

    Who do you admire?
    My father and my mom's dad Mr. J. Om Prakash, my Nanaji.

    What word comes to your mind when you think of:

    The color Red:


    Bad hair day:all the days of my life till I got this new hair cut for Lakshya. Finally I am proud of my haircut.


    Pizzas and Pastries:

    Rate your talent: 2 3/4

    Rate yourself as a person: 3 1/2

    Above ratings are out of 5

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