In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, "time is money." Spend it wisely.

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To complete this How-To you will need:

An online calendar or day planner
A watch

Step 1: Prioritize and record

Schedule only commitments that are important and learn to say no to others. Use one main online calendar or day planner.

Tip: Schedule events after rush hour and other off-peak times so traffic doesn't make you late.

Step 2: Set reminders

Set email or text reminders at set intervals on your online calendar. Give yourself a reminder one hour before and 15 minutes before an event.

Step 3: Plan to be early

If you have a two o'clock appointment, enter it in your schedule at 1:50.

Tip: Have extra work on hand to keep busy if you're early.

Step 4: Add more time

Add 25 percent to the time you think you'll need to get where you're going or to finish a job.

Step 5: Plan ahead

Lay out your clothes, lunch, keys, and anything else you'll need for the day the night before. If you wake up late, you'll probably still be on time.

Step 6: Keep gas in your tank and money in your wallet

Keep your gas tank above one-quarter full at all times. Always have at least $20 on hand so unplanned expenses don't hold you up.

Step 7: Wear a watch

Wear a watch or bring your phone everywhere you go so you'll always know the time.