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    Celeb Designers

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    Celeb Designers Looks like many of our Bollywood celebs are looking for an alternate career path. Many of our celebrities are planning to launch their own fashion line. While it is a common parlance in the west, where several known celebrities have their own fashion line, the trend is yet to kick off here in India. Some celebrities in the past have tied up with known fashion brands, yet it was never an individual collection by the star. Here is a look at some stars who are planning to launch their own label

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    Kareena Kapoor While Bebo has been associated with a fashion label as their brand ambassador for some time now, Kareena wants to come out with her own fashion label soon. Sources close to the actress have stated that she is planning to launch her own signature fashion line sometime next year

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    Bipasha Basu Former supermodel Bipasha Basu is known for her amazing fashion sense. Although Bips had announced last year that she would come up with her own fashion line there has been no news ever since then. According to grapevine, her collection has been aptly titled as BB and will be an individual projec


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    Katrina Kaif Fashion icon for millions of people, Katrina Kaif is planning to come up with her own line in collaboration with designer Rocky S. Rumours have it that the Brit beauty also plans to open retail chains across India and abroad. Bet her fans would go gaga over her designs

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    Aishwarya Rai The ex-Miss World had been approached by a leading fashion brand in the past to become their brand ambassador but the stunner had declined the offer. Latest news has it that Aishwarya is toying with the idea of starting her own fashion line. There is also news that some big fashion brands of Europe are looking at a partnership with her. Being a global face, Ash would want to start her own global line which would cater people from across the world.

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    Shruti Hassan Sultry southern beauty Shruti Haasan is known for magical voice and good looks. Superstar Kamal Hasaan’s daughter is multi talented. The actress-rockstar wishes to become an entrepreneur and launch her fashion label soon. Her designs would cater to the young women and designs would draw inspiration from various genres of music

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    John Abraham Long back, John Abraham had collaborated with a leading denim brand and had come out with a limited addition of denim wear. The signature style was available in select showrooms and fans of John swarmed the stores to buy the limited collection

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    Shahid Kapoor Just like John, a denim brand had come out with Shahid Kapoor’s signature denim wear. The denim wear had Shahid’s signature on it. Guess the fashion brand was banking on Shahid’s hit (Jab We Met) and wanted to cash on his popularity

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    Shilpa Shetty Actress, yoga instructor, IPL team owner, Shipla Shetty dons several hats. After launching her signature perfume, the leggy actress plans to launch her own clothing line. Talks have been on for some time but no official announcement has been made yet
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