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Thread: Superstitious celebs

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    Superstitious celebs

    According to a study conducted in mid-2010, lucky charms can boost one’s self-confidence. Inspired by this finding, we compiled an array of famous personalities influenced by superstitions - some common, some weird and some outright funny.

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    Lucky charm - kajal
    The Bollywood beauty only uses only the Hashmi brand of kajal, which she gets all the way from Pakistan. She considers it lucky and refuses to use kajal of any other make.


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    Lucky charm - a chain
    The Hollywood star is besotted by a chain which she received as a gift because she was told it can prevent ageing. It is almost always with her. At 38, she looks gorgeous and is one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses. She could be right after all!

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    Lucky charm - bracelet
    The Bollywood muscle man is always seen sporting a blue sapphire bracelet on his right wrist. He considers it as his protector

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    Lucky charm - Daffy Duck toy
    In 1997, hours before winning an Oscar for his role in the movie 'Shine', Geoffrey Rush was asked if he had a lucky charm. He pulled out a plastic Daffy Duck toy from his pocket. The charm worked! Two years later at the 1999 Oscars, he still had the toy with him although this time he didn't win the award, only a nomination (for 'Shakespeare in Love').

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    Lucky charm - a watch on either wrist when watching her team play
    Shilpa Shetty is always seen wearing two watches one on either wrist when watching her team Rajasthan Royals play at the IPL.

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    Lucky charm - elf ears
    Actress Cate Blanchett who played the elf queen Galadriel in Lord of the Rings' trilogy of movies keeps the elf ears that she sported in the movies on her mantle as a good luck charm.

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    Lucky charm - father's watch; blue sapphire finger ring
    When hard times hit him, Amitabh Bachchan consulted an astrologer and slipped a blue sapphire ring down his finger. It was shortly after he started sporting this ring that the mega TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati came his way. The superstar also sports two other rings - an opal and an emerald - to alleviate his health problems. Amitabh also treasures his father's watch and almost always wears it.

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    Lucky charm - 2 teddy bears
    The American actor-singer has a fondness for teddy bears and has a huge collection of them. He has two favourites who he considers are lucky for him and carries them with him wherever he goes. Meat Loaf has named them Mani and Marietta

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    Lucky charm - Rajiv Gandhi's kurta and Indira Gandhi's saree
    When visiting Amethi, Rahul Gandhi almost always wears his father Rajiv Gandhi's white kurta and Priyanka wears her grandmother Indira Gandhi's saree.

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    Superstition - always walks under the ladder
    While walking under a ladder is generally considered to bring bad luck, with the Batman star it is the other way round. Whenever he comes across one, he makes it a point to walk under a ladder.
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