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Thread: The 30 Most Stylish 30-Somethings

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    The 30 Most Stylish 30-Somethings

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    Young ones think they know it all when it comes to fashion. The truth is, our favorite 30-something starlets were making and breaking style rules years before today's teenyboppers ever arrived on the scene. Check out the 30-something celebs whose style continues to inspire!


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    There's a reason Kate Moss continues to rake in millions off of her cultivated look—everyone wants a piece of Kate's urban style. From boho chic to city cool, Kate gets it right every single time.

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    Victoria Beckham was Posh Spice for a reason, but she's come a long way since her days as a pop star. Now, she's the epitome of style with her enviable designer wardrobe and impressive eponymous fashion line. Victoria never has a hair out of place and dares to try things others won't, it's no wonder she's a style icon for many.

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    Kim Kardashian burst onto the scene overnight and quickly transformed herself into a style icon and champion for curvy girls everywhere. She made having a little junk in the trunk sexy and fashionable. Kim embraces her hot bod and every designer piece she can get her hands on.

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    The uber elegant Diane Kruger never fails to disappoint on the red carpet—ever. From her selection of utterly unique gowns to her flawless execution, it's clear why so many admire her style. If everyone had just an ounce of Diane's fashion sense, the world would be a much more fashionable place.

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    Reese Witherspoon has a sweet style that belies her southern roots. She's always prim and proper, but still on-trend and fashionable. Regardless of whether she's dropping the kids off at school or hitting the red carpet, Reese keeps it classy at all times. Busy moms, take note, Reese has super mom style down to a science.

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    Eva Longoria is incredibly petite, but you wouldn't know it because she dresses herself so well! She knows how to elongate her body with figure-flattering designs from Alaia, Victoria Beckham and Herve Leger. Oh, and don't forget the sky-high heels at all times.

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    Cameron Diaz has legs that go for miles and a body any 20-something would kill for. She uses both to her advantage as she struts around in daring designs and delectable designer pieces. From the most casual outfit to couture, Cameron looks fantastic all the time.

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    Angelina Jolie is a statuesque figure on any red carpet. But rather than flash her beauty in your face, she opts for classic, often simple cuts. But we never doubt her, because before you can tire of her choices, she surprises with dazzlng dresses like the emerald green Versace gown she wore to the Golden Globes.

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    Some women feel the need to show off their assets in order to look sexy. But Eva Mendes has mastered the art of looking smokin' hot even when covered up. She picks classic cuts, but give them her own latin flair for a look and style that's uniquely hers.

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    After years as a model, Gisele Bundchen has picked up a few tricks along the way. The statuesque Brazilian beauty knows how to dress for her slim athletic build—and she does it well. From couture on the red carpet to basic bikinis on the beach, Gisele is well dressed for anything life throws her way.

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    Rachel McAdams' approach to fashion is to have fun, at all times. She chooses fun and flirty pieces that are sure to make a statement, but never goes overboard with her looks. It's never a boring red carpet when Rachel is around and she never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

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    Women of the world bow down to burlesque queen Dita Von Teese who channels an old time glamour with a skill that had previously been lost for years. She is always perfectly coiffed, perfectly fashionable and never has a hair out of place—ever.

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    Zoe Saldana is a relative Hollywood newcomer, but she's not about to play it safe just to please the fashion police. Instead, she takes her sharp eye for style and selects absolutely daring ensembles that land her hit after hit on the red carpet. In this case, the risks are always worth it.

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    With her platinum blond pixie and delightful feminine style, Michelle Williams sticks out in a crowd—in a good way. She loves a good girly dress and always chooses ones no one else has worn. Michelle knows what works for her and she works it to her advantage to always look perfectly polished on the red carpet.
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    Milla Jovovich is one of the few models who successfully transitioned from a career on the catwalk to one on the red carpet—and we're thankful for every moment of it. Her unique personal style has translated into a clothing line and one red carpet hit after another.
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    Kate Beckinsale knows the little things are what make an outfit. From subtle sheer panels to just the right drape, her classic-with-a-twist outfits land her on the best dressed list time and time again.

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    If there's one thing Heidi Klum knows how to do, it's to have a good time. The statuesque beauty is known for her lively personality on and off the red carpet. She isn't one to play it safe and dons anything from spikes to sequins in the name of a fashionable good time.

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    Katie Holmes loves fashion and isn't afraid to try new things. In fact, she even started her own fashion line Holmes & Yang. From the more conservative to the delightfully daring, this Hollywood star never fades into the background.

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    Kerry Washington is a presence at major fashion events for good reason, the girl knows how to dress! She's never boring and always daring. She wears both young designers and established ones for a fashion-forward style that brings a smile to our faces every time.

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    Kate Winslet is a classic English rose who favors a tailored, womanly style. She always looks refined and feminine, but manages to add in unique twists, like the sheer polka dot detailing on this Stella McCartney dress she wore to the Mildred Pierce premiere.

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    On screen, Ginnifer Goodwin always plays the girl next door. But off screen, she's anything but. With a sassy pixie and a taste for trends, Ginnifer's style is always unique and interesting.

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    Off the red carpet, Kate Hudson has a distinct bohemian style that reflects her California upbringing. When it comes times to strut her stuff, however, Kate can do Hollywood glamour with the best of them. This style chameleon knows her fashion and her confidence shines through for winning looks every time.

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    January Jones' porcelain features and picture-perfect looks belieher daring approach to fashion. In fact, January hasn't ever met a unique frock she doesn't like. From peacock like feathers to daring cutouts, this Mad Men star is always a delight on the red carpet.

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    Liv Tyler's rock and roll upbringing is apparent in her taste for edgy fashion from the world's finest and coolest designers. From Proenza Schouler to Givenchy and Stella McCartney, Liv has a flair for style that knows no boundaries.

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    Natalie Portman has spent her formative years on and off the red carpet, and she has a veteran style knowledge to prove it. She nows what works for her and what doesn't, but loves to experiment with new designers and looks to keep her style fresh and current.

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    Jessica Alba's sweet smile may make her look like the girl next door, but her approach to fashion is anything, but simple. This gorgeous Latina has a penchant for edgy fashion that contrasts with her pretty features. It's an obvious case of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

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    Drew Barrymore's approach to fashion reflects her bubbly and carefree personality. She has fun with her looks and isn't afraid to try something new or daring. Drew doesn't take herself too seriously and her joy for life shows through in her style.

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    Chloe Sevigny is one of those women you either love or not. But however you feel about her, you can't deny the effect her unique personal style has had on fashion. She's idolized by many and has transformed her look into a successful clothing line. With equal parts daring and style sense, Chloe is keeping the hits coming.

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    With her exotic dark features and sexy curves, Penelope Cruz could wear a sack and it wouldn't matter. But this Spanish star isn't giving up the fight that easily. No, she likes to dress to impress from head to toe.

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    Like the princess she played in Enchanted, Amy Adams embraces and wears a pretty dress with grace and elegance. She favors classic cuts, but has been known to add a modern touch here and there. Amy's style is a delight to behold, on and off the red carpet.
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