The Chinese regime is set to cut the ribbon later this month on its 33-billion dollar high-speed railway linking Beijing and Shanghai. The project has been marred by corruption and scandal, but by July, Beijingers ought to be headed to Shanghai at the speed of a "bullet". Here's that story.

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Chinese officials announced on Monday a high-speed rail line linking Beijing and Shanghai would begin test runs this month and open to the public by July.

The line will feature two speeds of train service—one that runs at 300 kilometers per hour, and a slightly more economical one that runs at 250 kilometers per hour. Tickets run from 410 to 1750 yuan (about $63 to $270).

Running at 300 kilometers per hour, the train can make the trip in about four and a half hours.

The trains were originally planned to run at 350 kilometers per hour, but a CCP directive issued in April officially lowered the top speed to 300 kilometers per hour.

The 33-billion dollar rail project was hit by scandal in February, when the railway minister at the time, Liu Zhijun was accused of receiving 800 million yuan in kickbacks related to the high-speed rail project.

Also, AFP reported individual contractors and construction companies might have stolen 187 million yuan of public funds.