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Thread: Dubai Fountain - "Time to Say Goodbye" - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

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    Dubai Fountain - "Time to Say Goodbye" - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

    Warner Music Group, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to block this video in certain countries due to the music in the background.


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    The mentality of these half-wits is beyond me. Nobody is going to rip off the background music to this video in order to get a copy. If anything, this video, and others like it, can only serve to enhance their revenues.

    I'm speaking as someone who in their lifetime has spent in excess of $50,000 on purchasing music legitimately, and who - up until today - doesn't have a single piece of music that they haven't paid for.

    Today, that all changes.

    I'll never pay a single cent for any of their product again. If something comes out on any Warner label that I fancy, I'll no longer buy the CD or pay for it on iTunes, I'll simply rip it off.

    Same goes to SonyBMG for blocking some of the other videos in some countries.

    I guess this is the one people will be most interested in!

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    just see it and relax

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    nice share thanks

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    very pretty

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