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Lately, In Korea "Temple Stay (this program is similar with camp training. people will be Staying in a temple and Experiencing the culture of buddhism) is getting popular in Korean and foreigners. Korea has held this event since 2002 (Korea-Japan World cup) to attract foreign travelers and let them know Korean culture.

People participating in this event is over about 720,000. Now, There are 122 temples to host and the number of participants is gradually increasing over 30%. Korea prospects that 290,000 Koreans & 40,000 foreigners will join temple stay. Generally, Temple stay program includes Buddhist service, zen meditation, 108 times deep bow, Making an offering to Buddha, Walking in the forest, Drinking tea, Making temple foods, Exploring near legacy etc.

Many various events are waiting for people. One of the Hollywood Stars & Buddhists-Richard Gere will join Temple Stay hosted by Bulguksa in Korea on 20th June. The reason why people want to join this is that this can make people relax and people experience exotic buddhism culture. if you want to join "Korea temple stay", just click this link & register!~^^ TempleStay