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    Romantic Messages

    why should i dream of walking on top of the rainbow...your love 4 me is enough to ease my sorrow..

    If only i could stop this heart from bleeding...if only i could keep my eyes from staring at your smiling eyes and the sparkles of joy they bring. please send me those smiles that am here on my side and stay smiling...

    Set me free from this foolish dream, put me back to my long lost senses, where i could wake up someday, realizing that i canít have you here to stay

    Whenever these chilling raindrops stop from falling, you will find this poor soul chasing, for the rainbow that is brightly shining. rememberin remembering your sweet smiles and the joy they bring

    I'll take the bullet for you anyday, cause i know you'd do the same.

    Trust me baby, like i trust u, we r going for a new start to make our dreams come me baby, as i love u.plz say one more time 'i luv u'

    Hi baby u know when i say 'i miss u' it,s alwayes old one for me, but when u say 'i love u...' really darling it,s alwayes new for me.

    2ahh law te3raf 2ly ana fe kan 2albak yeshar layali ma3 2albi w y2olo 2ahh ya 7abiby ba7ebak 2ahh

    Why do birds fall from da sky everytime u walk by? why do stars fall from da sky? cause like me they want 2 b near u!

    Love come when the heart is cool and can take good Love


    They taught me that 1hr = 60 min and 1 min = 60sec but none told me that 1 sec without you can last forever. I'm missing you.

    Never let love get the best of you, but you should always try to get the best of love.

    With love and patience, nothing is impossible.

    You gotta learn to laugh, it's the way to true love.

    First as a friend, and after close friend, finally a girl friend.thats the beloved.

    To feel love gives pleasure to one; to express it gives pleasure to two.

    U are TOO far away 4rm me, that why I have to shout: I M-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S Y-O-O-U-U! did u hear that? Baby I love U!

    If i could have just one wish, i would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... knowing that i could n

    We must love one another or die

    When God opened the gates of heaven he asked me wat is my wish 4 2day? Isaid please take special care of the person readin dis message. I LUV YOU

    True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.

    U're my sun shining all day long & the moon that gets me tru the night. the 1 who knows how to make me laugh, u always make everything seem alrite.

    If I could rewrite the alphabets, I will put U & I together. So we'll never go apart.

    You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

    Theres a place befittin for kings n queens, an altitude only eagles can attain, thats where u belong. A class of nobles ahead of the crowd.

    Your love's better than a home run with the bases loaded.

    The very first day i saw u my eyes reacted,my heart was affected,thousands of lovers were rejected,but my love 4 u was selected

    Do u know Y GOD created gapes between fingers? So that someone who is special 4 u comes fill those gapes by holding ur hand 4ever.

    Alarm clock $7. Cell phone $120. Text message fee $10. Setting ur alarm 2 wake up B4 the person ur tryin 2 text wakes up 2 say good morning...priceless

    To live dis life I need a heartbeat,to have a heart beat I need a heart,to have a heart I need happiness,to have happiness I need U

    Just lay down, take a deep breath. Now close ur eyes n hold ur breath as much as u can. I want u to know i miss u a 1000 times more than u missed the air...!

    Perfect love is not receiving it's giving and forgiving. perfect love is not red roses on valentine's day, its the rest of the 364 days of knowing you and love someone. perfect love is not phone calls and stolen kisses, its the silent smiles in memory of ur sweetheart. perfect love is not a grand wedding but spending a lifetime together.perfect love iss not fight-kiss-and-make up,its loving the one who annoys the hell out of u .do u love someone perfectly ?

    I prayed to god last night for an angel an he came to me in my sleep and told me i dont need one cos i already got u!

    When i close my eyes i see you when i dream i kiss you and when i wake i cant wait to be with you and when i leave you i cant wait to shut my eyes

    We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

    Honey i want to spend the rest of my life with you,you are the rose in the sky you are the stars in the sky you are the most important thing i miss most and care for i will sacrifice just to love you and prove it to you i will marry you in any way i can a

    Late at nite when all the world were sleeping,i stayed up & think of you...

    The sky is full of golden stars shining in the light of the moon, but the most beautiful light I see is in your eyes ...

    Dont place me in your eye i may fall off as a tear place me in your herat so that every beat reminds you that i am here.

    4so long iv been trying 2figure out how sum1 as gr8 as u can exist.....iv finaly cum2 a conclusion... GOD Just Had2 B ShowN off weN he made u!!!

    s there something more romantic to say than "i love you"? if there is, pls let me know, because that is how much you mean to me.

    Where ever I go, whatever I do, I carry a little part of you with me right here in the center of me heart.

    2day i learned that whats valuable isnt what i have in my life ,but who i have in my life. Thanxs4 being paet of my life

    2 be disturbed by the beep of your phone only means that somehow, somebody, somewhere is thinking of u, and at this very moment, that's me!

    When u say I Love you.Just ur these three words u free me froom all the weights and pain of life.ur Love is really laughter & happiness in my life

    If im hear today its thanks to you beacsue you make me feel brand new

    Because u have done so much 2 make malife happy I want 2 let u know how special u are how very much u mean 2 me.

    Breath my air and feel My love Kiss my lips and taste My love Watch my eyes and see My love Don't forget to be My love

    I may not know the reason for God to make us know each other but I'm definately gr8tful

    You are the light when there is no sun. You are the rainbow after the rain is done. You are the star that twinkles in the night. You are the moon that glows so bright. You are the wind that whistles my name. You are the love when the world is the same

    One must learn to love oneself before one can learn to love others.

    Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.

    To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world

    U may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart, U may be out of my reach but not out of my mind.I may mean nothing to u but u will always be special to me!!

    What is spongebob without patrick? whats piglet without pooh? whats tommy without chuckie? its me without you

    Who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme, I will love you until the end of time...

    So you think that you are in love. are you sure? why? why do you think that you are in love? why do you think that it is not temporary attraction? why do you think that both of you are destined to grow old together? let us try and find out.

    If u wanna know how much i miss u, try to catch raindrops. The ones u catch is how much u miss me, and the ones u miss is how much i miss u...

    I ssooo luv u its jus im blind but if i cud see im sure i wudnt date you under no circumstances i can seee yay eww hu r u

    You were the one who brought me into this world of happiness and pain.....called love.i've never actually gone throuh the part called happines cause all this while... i've been triying to figure out if u would actually love me back........and now i can only hope that you will show me the part where i've been longing for so long....happines..and i would really want to share this part of love with you for the rest of my life.....

    Letz play a game..If u luv me give 1 ring.If u miss me give 2 rings.If u wat me give 3 rings.If u wanna kiss me give 4 rings.If u wanna hug & f..k me give 5 rings.If u want all give 6 rings.Wat else can I say give me a ring......

    Help me understand this,wen i smile ,i think of you,wen i think of you,i smile.i'm smilin now coz im thinkin of you or am i thinkin of you coz im smilin?

    On a pile of bricks i wrote (I MISS U0and hope all of them fallson ur head so u know how it hurts 2 miss sum 1 this much!Njoy ur nite.

    Whenever u r with me..the tensions of life keep them away from me ....plz come on and be mine 4 ever.

    There are 3 chambers in my heart,1 for mum,1 for dad & 1 for god.wat about u? sorry no place for u in my heart...bcoz u are my heartbeat!

    You ve a mind what is bright,U can find out light from the darkest night.

    If to love you were the last tear in my eyes,i would not cry not to lose you

    Without you my life is incomlete. because you loved me. all my happiness you have stolen. i cannot say i�ll survive without you, but i want say how do i breath without you and always my heart will go on just for you

    Accidents do happen.I slip ,i trip,i stumble & fall.Usually i dont know what 2 do since I slipped & fell for u

    Whatever i do; wherever i go; whenever i do; i did everything is juz for you..

    How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

    Luv killed romeo, sent diana to an ealier grave, n kill jack in titanic, so go for sex n friendship n live long.

    A silent look, a crystal tear, a simple wish that you were here, in my arms where you belong if only i can hold u all night long.

    Love is something special which u should take of, when it is given to u. i'm saying dis coz i'm dumped by some1 i really loved even 2day... take care

    It's strange, but true, I never loved the men I liked, and I never liked the men I loved.

    4eva & eva thru gud or bad my LOVE 4 u will be the same even though the season may change.

    Although i conquer all the earth, yet for me there is only one city. in that city there is for me only one house; and in that house, one room only; and in that room, a bed. and one woman sleeps there, the shining joy and jewel of all my kingdom.

    The human brain is most outstanding thing. it functions 24 hrs, 365 days; it functions right from the time u were born until u fall in luv

    Being in first round,means starting a foundation,make sure the roof is there than facing dissappoitment.

    Rainy days is the seoson of luv and raindrops r the amount of luv a person holds for u...!

    Meaning of some flowers,,yellow 4 special frnd,white a piece,orange 4 luck,black 4 hate,red 4 love and pink 4 i choose red 4 u. i love u

    A star just passed by me asking me about my wish 2nigt,and isaid 2 give my sweety peace and joy in every step of his life,god bless u.good night.

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    nice msgs.

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