The darters or snakebirds are mainly tropical waterbirds. The bird floats low in the water such that only the head and neck are above the water level, looking like a snake moving in water therefore refers as snakebirds. It moves its head when it becomes nervous, which makes it's neck move like a snake. It mostly eats fish. It stabs fish with its very pointy beak while underwater. This bird is often seen sitting on rocks or perched on over hanging branches holding its wings out to dry. The herons are medium to large sized birds with long legs and necks. The neck is able to retract and extend, and is retracted during flight, unlike most other long-necked birds. The neck is longer in the day herons than the night herons and bitterns. The legs are long and strong .The feet of herons have long thin toes, with three forward pointing ones and one going backward. It is found mostly inhabiting the tropical and sub tropical areas. However, heron birds of India can also be seen in temperate areas. Unlike other birds, when they fly, their necks get folded back on their shoulders. Most of the time, the herons of India come across as a solitary creature, hunting and feeding alone.


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