"Knighthood to Salman Rushdie"

We as Muslim cannot even think a word of disgrace against any prophet of the Almighty. Reason is we believe that every prophet of God is innocent, pious, example of character for the whole humanity from the creation of the universe upto the Judgment Day.

We believe that each of the prophet was sent by the God to convey His message to the humanity. The role of each of the prophet was to convey His message and to teach the mankind on the lines set by the God.


We also believe that all of the prophet carried the same message and teaching, because the only religion sent by the God to the Universe is Islam. From Prophet Adam upto The Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the teachings were the same. Because it started from the first prophet and during transition it took many faces and completed on prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Respect of every prophet of God is in our belief.

Therefore, we respect The Holy Christ (not to tell the Christians that we respect him), we believe in the innocence of his mother because it is written in the Holy Quran. This is why Islam is the religion of peace.

In view of the above if a person says something not required against the Holy Christ, that is not acceptable to all of the Muslims in the world. And that person could not get refuge in any Muslim country of the world. How is it possible that a person accused for saying insulting words against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) can be given refuge. Then given the knighthood of ‘Sir’ to him. These are the example to double standards because on one hand Tony Blair is the man talking about the cross-cultural relation between religions.

The saying of President Bush after 9/11, the caricature of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and now the Knighthood of "Sir" to Salman Rushdi. This is what the actual extremism is. Due to this factor the distance between the religions are widening. May be in future any government award any title to Tasleema Nasreen (or any person involved in such activities) would be an intolerable decision for the whole Muslim World.

Therefore, we launch strong protest and demand that knighthood should be taken back from Salman Rushdi. No action less than that is acceptable.

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