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Thread: Toughest Year of My Life!

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    Toughest Year of My Life!

    So this year has been the toughest year of my life!
    I faced so many problems......I learned so much this year and I even came one day to a point where I just thought life is just a peice of junk and to die is better....
    I even thought of death alot...
    I sometimes wondered if god actually exists..
    I became so different... so restless.
    I would just sit by the bed staring out the window...
    It was very hard..
    But guys you know what always kept my spirts up when i thought about all those poor kids out there that even tho might not be going through the same thing but knowing that there are mothers and fathers starving out there and 1 year old children that dont even get to see the things I eat everyday..
    That die of thirst because they have no money..
    Then i think of my father who works every single
    day to earn the money so we dont starve or want something that we cannot have...
    Then I think of my mom who's always there for me... who never ever lets her hopes down on me even if I stoped hoping...My mom that stays awake all night when im sick just to asure me that she is there for me.....
    Then i realized if everyone in the world is still trying there best to live and my parents always supported me and still are supporting me in life..
    Then I think my life is actually perfect... Just afew problems major problems in life wont last forever because good times never stay nor bad times...

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    Totally agree my dear..

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    Thnxxxx Cupcakes =]

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    very nice buddy...

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    Thank you anil30

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