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Mauritius flora and fauna
feature some of the wide ranges of animals and plants that are present on the island. Originally, the island of Mauritius was full of impenetrable rain forests that comprised of heath, coastal palm savanna and the mossy forest present at the higher elevations. Presently, the Mauritius flora is full of those plant species that have been brought by the inhabitants of the region.

The flora of Mauritius is diverse containing as many as 700 different species of ferns and flowering plants. Among these varieties of plants and flowers, 311 species belong to the Mascarene Islands and 45% is indigenous to the island of Mauritius. Some of the species of plants, which can be found in the country, include:
  • Albizia vaughanii
  • Barbel Palm
  • Begonia salaziensis
  • Casearia mauritiana
  • Cheval tree
  • Gastonia mauritiana
  • Hibiscus fragilis
  • Macaranga mauritiana
  • Ocotea lancilimba
  • Pilea trilobata
  • Syzygium guehoi
  • Trochetia
  • Xylopia amplexicaulis

Almost 150 species of native Mauritius flora are presently in the list of severely endangered varieties. Due to the presence of a vast range of uncommon animals and plants, the flora and fauna in Mauritius is under tremendous amount of pressure. A lot of problems regarding the regeneration of the plants are surfacing, as many unwanted species of plants, like, Chinese guava, aloes, liane cerf (Hiptage), privet and ravenale tend to chock the existing varieties. Slowly but surely, the native forests are either dying out or else are present in the cyclonic belt of the island.

Another major reason for the extinction of the Mauritius flora is the species of animals, like rats, monkeys, wild pigs and deer, which either eat or destroy plants, seedlings, flowers as well as fruits. All these factors have contributed to the need for the management and the protection of the Mauritius flora and fauna. Some of the organizations in Mauritius that have come forward for the conservation of Mauritius flora are Mauritius Wildlife Foundation and Conservation Service & National Park. Some of the famous wildlife reserves at Mauritius include Macabe, Brisefer, Ile aux Aigrettes, Bel Ombre and Mondrain. Some of the most endangered species of Mauritius fauna that are found on the island include the following:
  • Black Rat
  • Cuckooshrike
  • Crab Eating Macaque (Cercopithidae)
  • Tenrec
  • Kestrel
  • Macaca fascicularis
  • Farm animals including deer, rabbits and horses
  • Black Bulbul
  • Fody
  • Pink Pigeon
  • Parakeet
  • Olive White-eye
  • Echo Parakeet