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    Cool cool katrina

    Katrina Kaif is the latest rage in Bollywood and with her film Tees Maar Khan opposite Akshay Kumar all set for release all eyes are on her. If the trailers are anything to go by then the movie looks like it would conquer the box office in no time. Katrina’s sizzling item number, Akshay’s trademark comedy and Farah’s vision, Tees Maar Khan has all the ingredients for being a blockbuster hit. Katrina in an exclusive conversation gets talking about her expectations and experience of working with Farah and Akshay.

    One of Bollywood’s most successful leading Bollywood ladies, Katrina agrees that she is selective about the movies that she takes up and Tees Maar Khan appealed to her for more reasons than one. “I only do movies that I feel are best for me and I decided this after reading the script and by taking into account the director. Tees Maar Khan met all the criteria, it has an interesting story line, Farah is an intelligent director and Akshay Kumar is a good friend of mine, I immediately said yes,” reveals Katrina.

    Elaborating further about her character, she says, “I play Anya, who is a good friend and close aide of Tabrez Mirza Khan (Akshay Kumar).

    She is an aspiring actor and is obsessed with her look. The moment she sees a camera she touches up on her makeup. Honestly speaking, I agreed to play this character because I have a lot of faith in Farah, she is one director who has presented her heroines in a very unique manner. Anya too has different facets to her personality.”

    She also reveals that she closely watched the cartoon show, The Aristocrat to pick up tips to make Anya seem more real. “Anya has a baby like innocence about her and to make the character seem more real I have included a few mannerisms of the cat on the show especially the way it blinks,” she explains.

    Her item number Sheela Ki Jawani has currently become the talk of the town but Katrina claims that it wasn’t easy doing the song. “I have not done a song like this before, it was quite tough and I had to practice a lot. I have done a bit of belly dancing in this number. I also watched a lot Madhuri Dixit’s dance videos to master my steps and do it with grace and elegance. Moreover, I needed to have a flat stomach for the song, so I had to keep my diet under control. But Farah helped me a lot during the shoot,” quips Katrina.

    But the song is being called an item number, does she object to such a description? “I do not have any issue if the song is tagged as an item number. It’s up to the audience to decide, it’s a matter of personal choice, they can call it whatever they want to. I did this dance sequence because I felt it was essential for the story. It has been picturized elegantly and has an earthy rustic shade to it. Every step stands apart and it will surely be a hit amongst the audiences,” she replies.

    Akshay and Katrina make a deadly combination with each complementing the other. The pair has quite a few number of hits to their credit.

    “We have been working together since the last five years and there is a certain comfort level between us. Akshay is almost like a family member and we do trust and respect each other. There is great understanding between us, I guess this translates into good chemistry on screen,” says Katrina.

    Katrina also holds the proud privilege of being the first Indian actor to have a line of Barbie dolls modelled on her. “Katrina Barbie has been launched recently and it’s like a dream come true. I have been a big fan of Barbie. I made my sister see the Katrina Barbie and both of us couldn’t help reminiscing the old days when we fought over them,” states the actor.

    And how does she feel about being tagged as the most beautiful heroine in Bollywood? “I never realized that I was beautiful before coming to India. As a college student I was never conscious about my looks and I didn’t draw much attention too. But things changed after I arrived in India with my mother. People here would stop and look at me and that made me feel happy and so did their compliments,” she concludes.

    Well katrina its item number so it will be tagged as an item number!simple

    click here to see cool cool pictures of Katrina.


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    She is gorgious .

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