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Thread: Happiness - A Habit

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    Happiness - A Habit

    Once there were two students. Both were preparing for examinations. One day, on of them was relaxing after studying very hard for some time. Standing in the moon light and looking at the beauty of full moon, he was enjoying peaceful night. The other student asked, ‘What are you doing, my friend?’ he answered, ‘I am enjoying the moonlight’.
    The second student was shocked and felt that the other student was wasting precious time. He himself was tense with ‘examination fever’. So he could not enjoy the soothing moonlight. He nether no knows how o study nor does he knows how to live.
    It is possible to do all the work and yet remain relaxed.

    In a TV talk-show there was an interview of happy persons. When they were asked how they are able to live happily, one old man replied, ‘when I get up in the morning, I have two choices. Either ther to be happy or to be unhappy. I just choose to be happy an that’s all.’ Another happy man replied, ‘I made it a habbit to be happy.’


    All this may look too simple and you may say, ‘It is easier said than done!’ But everything is possible by “PRACTISE’.

    Therefore, as soon as you get up in the morning make a vow: I am going to make someone happy today (in proper way)’. Not just that, also try to put into practice by doing some help to someone in need. Certainly it has some elevating effect on your mind and personality.

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    nice habbit... i will surely follow it.

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    oh that is so kl and informative... i enjoyed reading this Deep! thnks ... well i think even when we are sad and stressed and in life nothing seems to be going well, we should still try our best to smile coz it doesnt cost a thing to smile...'

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    Thanks dear friennds

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    Very nice one dear. let us all practise happiness now onwards,

    Kudos to deepu

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    Thnaks kalyan

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