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    LoVe sMs (01)

    We've known each other,
    For a long long time,
    But I never really noticed,
    All the magic in your eyes,
    I've been around you,
    A thousand times before,
    And you've always been a friend to me,
    But now I'm wanting more

    monson rains,
    summer heats, ur love is the season
    why i breath
    so tell me dear eht is sweet?
    is tht u or ur heart tht beats

    I will Try no matter How hard I have to.
    I will Try even if Life crushes me down.
    I will not Give up & Try N Try to rise high.
    I will Try to Fly & Touch the Sky, even if the world says U don't have the wings & you cant fly.
    I will Try to win, even if am Losing.
    I will Try to have Hope, even if there is None.
    I will Try always to Smile, even if I m Crying.
    I will Try to Sing, even if my Voice is dying.
    I will Try to be Positive , even if I m surrounded in Negatives.
    I will Try to reach for the Heaven, even if I m in Hell.
    I will Try to Love , even if I have a Broken Heart.

    Fresh Air....
    Fresh Idea....
    Fresh Talent....
    Fresh Energy....
    I wish U to have a .....
    Sweetest Sunday,
    Marvellous Monday,
    Tasty Tuesday,
    Wonderful Wednesday,
    Thankful Thursday,
    Friendly Friday,
    Successful Saturday.
    Have a great Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

    Someday wen da pages of my life end, I knw dat U'll b 1 of its m0st beautiful chapter. & if ever I get 2 read it again, I'll 0pen it frm da 1st page where I met U...!!!

    Why people love heaven? For peace. Why people love bird? For sing. Why People love flower? For beauty. Why I love you? B'coz you are my heart. ---

    i am sending 11 flowers to you 1 is 4 ur beauty 2 is 4 talent 3 is 4 cute ness 4 is love 5 is 4 care 6 is 4 affetion 7 is 4 smile 8 is frankness 9 is honesty remaining 2 keep in ur eyes -- pr

    Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this.

    when u r sad.........i will try ur tears
    when u r scared.........i will confort ur fears
    when u r worried........i will give u hope
    when u r confused.......i will give u cope
    and when u r lost.......and cant see the light
    i shall be ur beacon.....shining ever so bright
    this is my oath........i pledge tillthe end
    why u may ask?........because u r my Love


    Longest love is mother love
    Shortest love is others love
    Sweetest love is a lovers love
    but strongest love is friends love...........


    If u Love sumone then add some wings to ur Love. After having wings if it still decide to stay with u, then it's a True Luv

    So, I will stand here forever,
    If forever's what it takes,
    because you are my forever,
    and forever always waits.

    LOVE Is
    Missing Some1
    You're Apart,
    But Somehow
    Warm Inside
    Because You're
    Close In Heart

    Hearts Recieves LOVE, Mind recieve WISDOM,hand recieve GIFTS&only spcl people recieve my SMS GUDevng...!

    hai bold and de beautiful girl, i wish we can spend days of our lives sitting on the backstage,watching new generation,uligazilam and no one can change uthando lwasemzantsi,hey dont be confused like muvhango,coz i luv so much

    Your love is evergreen in my memory, Fresh in my daily thoughts, visible to my eyez, then how can i STOP IT ?

    never ask for a smile,just give it.
    never expect love frm others,just love them.
    never say i can't live without u,just say i live 4 u.

    When U Love Someone. U make Him/Her a part of Ur soul. U can get rid of Ur body but U can never get Rid Of Ur Soul

    Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you. Please don't hurt my heart. Ilove you somuch

    love i slike quicksand
    the deeper u fall in it
    the harder it is to get out!!
    tears can sometime be more special then smiles....smiles can be given to anyone but tears are only shared 4 people we love

    if u r in love accept it respect it enjoy it.but if u r not thrn dnt worry smeone smwhere must be wrraping up so much love 4 u

    If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder n hold u close to me n answer with a smile: "Like this!

    Time will always fly, but our love will never die. Keep in touch and remeber me

    only an open heart can receeive a love ,only an open hand can receive a gift only an open mind can reeceive a wisdom and only u can receive my love


    By following my heart i came to you,
    I only forget to take something back with me,
    For my thought are still with you!!!

    A single candle can illuminate all the night,
    A true friends lights up an entire lifeti

    My silence. doesn't mean. I forget you. my disappearance doesn't mean. I don't care about you. because you are always. in my heart...

    As u open ur eyes, ill be thinking of u. As u begin a new day, ill be prayin 4u. As u face problems, ill be just beside u. Remember ill be with u 4 ever.......

    love pappa, love mummy, love brother& sister,love everything under the sun..but at last a few love give to me becz i love morethan everything in the world.. i love u .......

    In the halls i see you walkin
    There you are just talkin
    I love your hair i love your eyes
    they're almost as blue as the sky
    I wish that one day we will be
    together forever you and me
    we'd be happy as can be
    cause i'd have you and you'd have me
    My wish came true
    Cause I now have you
    we hug we kiss
    we never miss
    cause you love me and I love you

    Ah-- I forgot your name. Can I call you mine? And, in case you forget my name too, call me yours!

    Love is like the seeds of life, To root is full of pain and strife. But to grow it's like a great Oak tree, Straight and strong for eternity. Love is what I offer you, Steadfast, calm and oh, so true! Love is life between two who shares, A life between two who really cares. Love is ours, if you agree, To spend your life with me!



    sumtyms i wonder how i came so close 2 u...nd i felt in luv with u...wy i cant liv without u?...mayb god knew dat i wont be happy without u care.

    my love to you, oh dearest one wiil stay till you have gone the long stairway to heaven.i will not wait until eleven to tell you the things i want you to know just because my dearest:i love u so!

    relationship is like a garden. its beautiful when watered with love , hugs, tears & cheers but it dries up when untouched , SO DO KEEP IN TOUCH ALWAYS .

    No matter how sad, no matter how sick,
    I feel better just thinking of you...
    But I'm happier each time I send you a message
    Coz I know I'll be disturbing you!

    With both hands I sought my gift,
    I still did not have a clue,
    Then God put your hand in mine,
    And said His gift to me was YOU!

    Be smart, be clever put me in your heart for ever.

    Love is Pure.
    Love is Sure.
    Love is sweet poison,
    that Doctors can't cure.

    Sometings are left undone,some words are left unsaid,
    some fellings are left unexpresred but some one as nice as u could never be left unmissed

    A word to say,a word to hear.Even in ur absence,
    I fell u near,My feeling is strong,hope it goes long
    we'll remain frenz, till heart goes on...........

    a candle may be litten and melt it's fire may stop but the love which i've given to you will always burning forever until the day GOD recall frm heaven

    I m going to give fresh flowers 4 u and 4 ur loving thoughts and prayers to make u lighter and brighter.

    I know we can not reach each other.But When i want to see u,talk with u,smile with u...., I see the MOON.

    When tears come out of your eyes, reason "you r sad"
    When you smile, reason "you are happy"
    But When you receive a mesg without any reason, it means??

    whenever u remember me feel that i am with u; never understand that these distances and compulsions can stop me to love with.

    if sme where sme times u r in trouble..nd confused hw 2 get rid of trouble.just close ur eyes nd listen ur heart"s voice....coz heart is at left bt alwayz rite.......

    I've been thinking about u and me..if we were alone how it would be..I would kiss u all over till ur feeling hot..then give u a sensation when I hit the spot!getting or not ilove you

    An icing can make a cake so sweet, A string can make a balloon so high, A matches can make a candle so bright, i hope that my simple hi can make you smile and happy.

    Some thoughts are better kept unsaid, some feelings are better kept to yourself because love has its way of expressing itself despite the silence

    there is no reason 4 this message i just wanted 2 say i miss u i care for u and am sorry to say am sure am in lov with u xxx.

    All the love that history knows is said to be in every rose!Yet all the love that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.

    Better to lose people who u love,respect and care for,than lossing ur fait and hope.just think about it people who we meet comes and goes but our fait if it went we will lose the respect of ourselves.

    Some how; some way, i'm goin 2 b w/ u one today. so hard to say when ya so far away but the distance doesn't keep ya from warm'n my heart like sunrays

    A little love a little care,can we find time to stand & stare,love is what with u i will share,come hold my hand in ur eyes i will stare.

    When u love someone and when they r not with u, u feel u must talk to them, convey them u miss them a lot, but all these feelings are expressed as tears.

    I would like to thank you! for all the times you have looked my way, for all the times u have made my day, for all the times things u have given me!

    Fall in river,thr's always a boat fall in well,thr's always a rope but dont ever fall in love coz thr's no hope.. cheers to all singles..!
    Oh! my love, you take my breath away oh! my love, you take my breath away what have you stepped in... to smell this way...!

    You raise me up to more than i can be, i am strong when i am on your shoulders, i am alive when i am in your heart

    COURT ORDER! Ur accused of crawling into my HEART,& hijacking my smiles with your care.Hw du plead? GUILTY! U R sentenced 2 b MY Better Half 4-LIFE-no bail!

    Bee Love Honey
    People Love Money
    Flower Love Dew

    Please tell me your INGREDIENTS because I mixed 100kg sugar with 80kg chocolate and 60 kg honey but .... stilli can't make a personas sweet as you .....

    our skin may grow wrinkled and old but the heart that is loyal shall never turn cold

    Though we are very far apart, but somehow I always feel you near my heart.
    --- is a book we all read.Love is a blessing we all need.
    Always be happy always wear a smile,remember in this world v r
    just 4 a while so keep in tuch

    Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it'scalled falling in love, because you don't forceyourself to fall, you just fall.

    REMEMBERthat there willalways besomeomewhoremember u everydaywithor without messages!or calls!THATS ME!!LV U(",)

    I love to see you smileIn the lone summer of lightAnd hold you oh so closeUnderneath the stars at nightBut there is just one thingDarling through and throughForever I will cherishEvery moment with you

    Someone asked what makes people happy. Some said wealth and some said fame. I was thinking about this when my cell phone beeped and received a text from you. Then, I smiled and said: "This makes me happy."

    when u r sad.........i will try ur tears
    when u r scared.........i will confort ur fears
    when u r worried........i will give u hope
    when u r confused.......i will give u cope
    and when u r lost.......and cant see the light
    i shall be ur beacon.....shining ever so bright
    this is my oath........i pledge tillthe end
    why u may ask?........because u r my Love

    When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.By sending this message not to offend you,but with a heart of caring.One last thing your gorgeous,and i think i can love you.Please respond, and have a wonderful day.

    Never leave the one you like for the one you love cuz the one u like will leave you for the one they love!!!!

    Some people die younger because God Loves them too much...u u still on earth because there r someone who loves u more than God...
    i know
    i accept
    i believe
    i admit
    i m " 0 " zero
    but this is not end. i want HER becoz without HER i m incomplete.
    HER + 0 = HERO
    i m right naa
    i've written you on the page of my heart,reflected your face on the mirrors of my soul,displayed you in the gallaries of my eyes,this show how much i you are loved!

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    Weve gone our own way, our lives grew apart, & weve made a life wiv another, but despite of how far apart we grew, 2 me there still is no other!
    One day youll ask me: whats more important to you, me or your life? ill say my life and youll go and leave without even knowing that you are my life.
    Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain youll break my heart 4ever!xxx
    True luv is hard 2 find. Special 1-1 of a kind. But the luv inside of me is true. It appeared the day i met you!
    If i died or went sumwhere far i'd write ur name on every star so everyone could look up n see u mean the world 2 me.
    I believe that God above created u for me to luv. he picked you out from all the rest cos he knew id luv you the best!
    I love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile. Your loving face No1 will ever take your place.
    i asked God 4 a rose & he gave me a garden. i ask God 4 a drop of water & he gave me an ocean. i asked God 4 an angel & he gave me u!

    Our recommended dating website DatingAgency currently has stunning men and women awaiting your text flirt. This is of course in the event that you haven't already fallen in love and are committed

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    Love SMS Messages

    Best ever!
    if someone asks me if ur good...ill say ur not...if they say ur better ...ill say ur not...why shud i say ur good or better coz ur the best i ever had...

    Untill tommorow
    How can it be that I am sad and happy at the same time ... it's because I know ... that you aren't back until tomorrow05 Mar 2004

    I Love You!
    A special smile a special face.a special someone i cant replace. i luv u i always will. u've filled a space no one can fill!

    The moment
    I have liked many but loved very few. yet no-one has been as sweet as u.I'd stand and wait in the worlds longest queue. just for the pleasure of a moment with u.

    Love is BAD!!!!
    Luv is a basta** it can treat u lik dirt Theres always a risk of u getting hurt.Luv is restless & luv is a flirt.Luv has places to go and people to hurt.

    I Love You!
    What is a flower without the sun, what is the earth without the sky. What am I without you, that is why I tell you .. I love you

    Best friend ..
    I hope that you finally understand, that I will love you untill the end, because your not just my girl, you are also my best friend!

    Looking 4 .....
    I'm lukin 4 a word. I'm lukin 4 a whole new word. I'm lukin 4 a word. I'm lukin 4 a word dat nobody knows. I'm lukin 4 a word. I'm lukin 4 a word dat says...dat you are the best !!!

    Me or your life?
    One day u'll ask me: "whats more important to u- me or ur life?" ill say "my life" and u'll go and leave without even knowing that u are my life.

    Golden Star
    If I die and go to heaven, I put your name on a golden star. So that all the angels can see how much you mean to me !! I love you

    My angel...
    I asked an angel 2 watch over u, but she back sooner than expected!i asked y?She said "an angel doesnt need 2 watch over an angel!

    Dont want 2 Miss u
    If you live to be a hundred , I want to be a hundred minus one day , so I don't have to live a day without you...

    You are angel
    I asked God 4 a rose & he gave me a garden.I ask God 4 a drop of water & he gave me an ocean.I asked God 4 an angel &he gave me u

    My thoughts
    By following my heart I came to you, I only forgot to take something back with me. For my thoughts are still with you

    Scared to loose you
    1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u.but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!

    I'm very Rich !
    I opened my purse and found it empty.i reached in 2 my pocket and found a few coins then i searched my heart and found u!dats wen i realised how rich i am

    Love Forever
    Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain youll break my heart 4ever!xxx

    How can you ...
    How can u tell the rain not 2 fall wen clouds exist?How can u tell the leaves not 2 fall wen the wind exists?How can u tell me not 2 fall in love wen u exist?

    10000 ways -
    10000 words 1 cud say.10000 wishes 1 cud pray.10000 miles legs cud walk.10000 sounds a mouth cud talk.10000 times ill b true.10000 ways 2 say i luv u!

    Me & You! -
    It takes 2 to tango.2 to kiss.2 to talk & many good things cum in 2 & one of those things is me & u!

    When I met you...
    True luv is hard 2 find.Special 1-1 of a kind.But the luv inside of me is true.It appeared the day i met you!

    What is Love?
    LOVE is something beautiful,a desire, a feeling that one would like to catch. LOVE is the feeling that makes you feel alive. LOVE is something that may never go away!

    Falling in love...
    You can fall from a bridge, you can fall from above, but the best way of falling, is falling in love!

    You are the one..
    What I feel for you,is really true. You got to know,I need you so. When you are gone,I can't go on. Can't you see, that you are the only one for me?

    My lover
    Hearts could only love for a while, feets could only walk for some miles, clothes won't 4ever be in style, but having U as my 'lover' is worthwhile ....

    I miss you ...
    U mUz bE tiReD cOz u haF bEEn runNinG thrU mY miNd, u gOttA bE a thiEf coZ u haF stOleN My hEaRt n i muZ haF BeEn a bAd shOotEr CoZ i kEep miSSing u...

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ..
    Luv not 1, Luv not 2 Luv d 1 who luvs u true, Luv not 3, Luv not 4
    Luv d 1 who luvs u more Luv not 5, Luv not 6 Luv d 1 who really sticks,Luv not 7, Luv not 8 Luv d 1 who really waits...

    The Spaces ...
    The SPACES between ur FINGERS were created so that another person's fingers would fill them in. Hope U found the hand that u r meant 2 hold on 4ever..

    Fate ...
    Fate has brought us together, to meet, to know and to part is the saddest thing in life... I Łove You...

    Never ending circle
    If you love someone, put their name in a circle instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever.

    Wont let you go
    I know its wrong 4 me 2 fall 4 u,but i cant get through it & if choosing right means letting u go...then let me be wrong 4ever...

    It's me!
    Love is hard and will always be, but remember somebody loves you and that one is ME !

    Sun & Moon -
    Everyone wants 2 b the sun dat lights up your life.But I'd rather b ur moon,so I can shine on u during ur darkest hour when ur sun isn't around.

    Everything ...
    U promsed 2 take care of me but u hurt me, u promised me 2 bring me joy but u brought me tears, u promised me ur luv but u gave me PAIN....ME? i promised u Nothing but i gave you EVERYTHING!!!!

    I Miss You !
    I don't wanna feel the way that I do, I just wanna be right here with you, I don't wanna see us apart, I just wanna say straight from my heart I miss you

    Always on my mind...
    Sometimes words are hard to find, to form that perfect line to let you know you're always on my mind!

    Three things ...
    I love three things: the sun, the moon and you, the sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever.
    i love the 'y'
    i love the 'u'
    i love the 'o'
    put them together
    and i love 'you'

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    thanks for posting them.

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