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Thread: Giving a password to the 'Guest' user account

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    Giving a password to the 'Guest' user account

    Windows XP contains a guest account (turned off by default in XP Pro) that has the rather unique distinction of not having a password. Not only does the account not have a password, you can't even set one. As you can see, if this account is active, it presents a slight security risk. Fortunately, there is an easy way to assign a password to the guest account:

    To apply a Password to the guest account:

    Using an account with administrative privileges, go to the command prompt ('start\run' then type 'cmd') and enter the following command:

    'Net user guest password'

    Now go to 'start\control panel\user accounts' and activate the guest account if it is not already. You will be able to assign and change its password.

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    thanx.for such a nice information

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    thnx darani

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