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Thread: The gut feeling. What is it?

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    The gut feeling. What is it?

    The gut feeling.


    Have you ever had this "gut feeling?" Gut feeling is an instinctive emotional reaction to a particular thing or situation. Shall we call it the sixth sense? This sixth sense is listening to your gut feeling instinct even when rationality tempts you in other direction. This can have surprising results. Gut feeling is not channeled by the conscious mind, but are usually reflection of intuition rather than rationality. A person develops this feeling through his/her observations and experiences as one grows older. Although it may be helpful to listen to your gut feelings in some situations,, it could be detrimental in others. Ever felt uncomfortable when you met someone for the first time for some inexpressible reason? Had a feeling that someone is lying to you? Felt a strange sense of foreboding? Listen to it. But it is important to keep a check on which gut feeling you are listening to and to what the consequences of following your gut feeling will be. So next time you get a gut feeling about anything just think before you act.

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    very nice posting... i really like it.....

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