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Thread: What is Happiness?

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    What is Happiness?

    Once a business man, while walking along a beach, saw a fisherman lying down with his net next to him. He was very happy and relaxed and was humming a song. The business man wondered how the fisherman could be so happy? He approached the fisherman and had a conversation with him.

    Business man: Havenít you gone fishing today? Fisherman: Oh, yes! I went fishing today, had a good catch and sold it too. After finishing all that, I am relaxing. Business man: Then why donít you catch some more fish?
    Fisherman: Why should I fish more? What is the use? Business man: Well, you will get more money.
    Fisherman: What would I do with that?
    Business man: You can buy a boat yourself and get more fish.
    Fisherman: And then?
    Business man: You will get more money and you can have a big house of your own.
    Fisherman: Then what?
    Business man: You can have a TV, a refrigerator, a car, etc,. etc by expanding your business.
    Fisherman: What after that?
    Business man: You can live happily!
    Fisherman: Is it so? Then, what am I doing now? Am I not happy now? Do you mean to say that I will be happy after getting all those things? I feel quite happy now anyway.

    The Businessman was stunned speechless.

    Please try to think deeply about this story. What are the good adding things unnecessarily? Some people may require them, some may not. Happiness does not totally depend on external things. ĎHappiness is a state of mindí says a popular adage.
    The intention behind this story is neither to advocate stagnation nor to discourage progress. Progress is good; expansion is necessary. But to what extent? There must be a careful thought if it will bring happiness to all those concerned.


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    Good post deepthi, reminds me of the "Secret of Happiness" story that i learnt in school.
    'Be happy with what you have and you will always be happy, that is the secret of happiness'

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    Good One deepthi, Everybody should realise that happiness is what you think and is within u.

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    Good Post!!! Very Inspirational!!!


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    Thanks nero, kalyan & jojo.

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