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Thread: Question... is it OK to delete a ".BAK" file?

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    Question... is it OK to delete a ".BAK" file?

    This file is about 18MB not too big and it is dated March 2007.

    Please advice.



    -Spanishs Steps

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    hello spanishsteps you posted under wrong heading......
    anyways yes you can delete the .BAK file it is just a back up file...

    if u want to take the back up at later stage this file acts as the source...

    as u said it is dated march 2007 it means it is a back up file of a software or a file u created on that particular day.......coz win xp restore or backup files r created some where else....( system value information is the name of the folder for xp restore points)..........

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    Thanks for your answer. It's very helpful. By the way, where should I have posted it? I thought that PC Clinic was the appropiate one. Please let me know. Thanks again!

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    cheers u got ur answer.....

    ques and prob in talk shaak....

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