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Thread: Check and set the DMA mode on your drives

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    Check and set the DMA mode on your drives

    Windows XP occasionally sets IDE hard drives and CD drives to the PIO transfer mode by default, which is slower than the standard DMA (Direct Memory Access) mode used by modern drives. It's worthwhile to check your drive settings to make sure that they are not being slowed down in this manner. To check your drives:


    Right click 'my computer' and select properties, then the 'hardware tab' then the 'device manager' button.

    Expand 'IDE ATA\ATAPI controllers' highlight 'primary IDE channel' and hit the 'properties' button.

    Go to the 'advanced settings' tab, and ensure that the transfer mode is set to 'DMA if available.'

    Repeat the above steps for the secondary IDE channel.

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    its also a nice trick.

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