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Thread: Times of great Consequence

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    Times of great Consequence

    Times of great consequence

    Is there something that has you troubled, concerned or discouraged? That very same situation can just as realistically cause you to be hopeful and encouraged and positively successful.

    The future has not happened yet, and the way it will unfold is completely open. Where there is the possibility for defeat and failure there is also the possibility for success and improvement.

    Where much is at risk of being lost, there is much that can be gained. Times of great consequence are times of great opportunity.

    Just imagine what would happen if you could turn your perspective around. Just imagine it, and know that's precisely what you can do.

    You can make the decision to create the most positive outcome. You can make the commitment to focus the energy of the situation in a creative and productive direction.

    Instead of turning your eyes away from the difficulty, open your eyes to the powerful opportunity. Choose to envision your own best outcome, then choose to do whatever is necessary to make it happen.


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