In Russia two cultural icons celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Thursday - legendary ballerina Maya Plisetskaya and her husband composer Rodion Shchedrin. Here's more from Moscow.

In front of an audience in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory the pair hosted a celebration concert.

In a recent interview in their Moscow home, Shchedrin talks about their life together.

[Rodion Shchedrin, Russian Composer]:
"We say, "don't worry its all going to be ok.
Quoting 'Ruslan and Ludmila' by Alexander Pushkin, 'Success is followed by sorrow, but out of sorrow comes joy' - and so on, and it makes everything all right, we don't need to look for anything more."

Plisetskaya recalls how a friend wished the couple well when they married.

[Maya Plisetskaya, Prima Ballerina]:
"She wished for us the chance to grow old together on one pillow."

[Rodion Shchedrin, Russian Composer]:
"And actually that is what we are doing!"

Plisetskaya became a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet in 1943 and a Prima ballerina in 1962. For many years she was excluded from tours to the West due to political reasons. But in 1959 she was finally allowed to join a tour to the US and the American audience loved her.

The couple married in 1958, and in later years Shchedrin often composed music especially for his wife

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