i will let u all know about the best way to avoid trojans ( deep freeze ) ....u will said : deep freeze it is old and freeze my pc and i canot download or work any new softs ?!!! no wait plz complete my topic read it will . u can keep ur pc cleanly all the time by install deep freeze only in partition c . so u can use another partitions in ur pc such ( d . E . F . G ) and keep all files u want in it . and the advant ages to only protect partition c by deep freeze that all viruses & trojans and keyloggers at first installed in partition c then it transfiring in to another partitions . so if u r Hacker & Cracker & Programmer want to test any soft or source u should deep freeze ur partition c to avoid sus files coz when u open it and u know it is sus file u can keep ur pc cleanly only after u restart ur pc . so u can keep ur pc cleanly long time after u setup new windows and install all ur programmes u want and then deep freeze partition c . coz every once time u restart ur pc it will be clean again