DHAKA, Bangladesh, 15 January 2009 - Bilash regularly visits the UNICEF-supported Naya Bazaar drop-in centre in Dhaka city to receive help for his drug addiction. But even in his wildest dreams, the 11-year-old never expected to meet the captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team there.

Bilash instantly recognized Mohammad Ashraful, who was making a surprise visit to the centre along with the International Cricket Council (ICC) General Manager, David Richardson, and three other famous cricketers from Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

The cricketers visited the centre on 11 January to show their support for the young people there, who are battling drug addiction and, in some cases, HIV/AIDS. It was part of a global effort by the cricketers to promote the power of providing information about HIV treatment and prevention to young people at risk.

Under its HIV and AIDS prevention project in Bangladesh, UNICEF supports 146 drop-in centres throughout the country that provide help to over 100,000 young people and adults.


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