Taking its association forward with one of the most beautiful women on the earth, the Nakshatra range of diamond jewellery has once again teamed up with the ethereal Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya continues to be the epitome of the Nakshatra woman.

The best names in the industry have contributed to the making of the new Nakshatra commercial. Hemant Trivedi (costumes) to give Aishwarya a celestial look, Shiamak Davar (choreography), Gulzar (lyrics) and the music by Buddha Bar Mixes go well with special effects done at Smoke and Mirrors, one of the best studios in London.

Devika Gidwani, director, Diamond Information Centre, says, "The Nakshatra woman is mystical, ethereal and feminine qualities, which none other than Aishwarya Rai can best epitomise. In her rare and enduring beauty we have found our Nakshatra Woman. Aishwarya stands for the brand values - simple yet classic, Indian yet contemporary. With Nakshatra we aim to provide the women of today a product which is wearable, yet unique."

The De Beers has Nakshatra, a timeless classic in 5+ stone earrings. Very Indian and traditional in its looks and feel, this eternal circle of light is at the same time modern too. This because the Nakshatra range has captured the essence of Indian traditions, and has presented it in modern designs.

The eternal circle of light, Nakshatra, captures the essence of Indian tradition and then presents it in modern designs. The timeless classic, the 5+ stone earrings - a circular cluster with a diamond in the centre has crossed all cultural boundaries and is essentially seen as a must have in every woman's jewellery Collection today.

An exclusive packaging and a newly designed certificate of authenticity accompanies every piece of Nakshatra jewellery. Nakshatra has about 200 new designs this year and is available as pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets starting at Rs 8000 onwards. Nakshatra is stocked in all major jewellery stores across India.

D Beers (India) findings show that consumers are looking for something Indian with a contemporary touch and with more diamonds in a very feminine setting. Nakshatra provides the connoisseurs, who are aware of, and can relate to special touch of a diamond.

Priced at Rs. 15,000 onwards, Nakshatra diamond jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and a special hologram. To keep up with the image of being Indian and beautiful, D Beers have deputed the most beautiful Aishwarya Rai to promote Nakshatra.

Devika Gidwani says, "Diamonds have been seen everywhere - be it on the ramp, be it the celebrities and socialites in our page three columns, or any event of significance. Diamonds are the first accessory every woman has been waiting to get out of her wardrobe. It is the only accessory that can truly make a woman sparkle and stand out."

Diamonds are definitely the flavour of the season. It is obvious that dressing up and flaunting diamond accessories will never go out of style. Diamond jewellery is the only accessory that adds that tinge of sparkle to any ensemble. Pairing of diamonds with right outfits creates a look that defines elegance and style, adding that extra sparkle for a perfectly finished look.

ARTICLE SOURCE: http://nidokidos.org/articles/jewelry/index.htm