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Thread: To You My Dear Tiny Bird....

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    To You My Dear Tiny Bird....

    Yesterday I released my tiny sweet bird from the cage. I just allowed it to fly away. It sat near me for a while staring me…thinking as what happen to me. It looked deep into my eyes and unwillingly it flown away. I stood up and waved my hand hiding all my grieves inside me.

    It was a sweet tiny bird. Once wandering along this valley I got it and took it to my home. I bought a new colored cage and a crystal bowl for it. Day by day we became so close. I started spending my leisure time with it.. Usually after leaving my husband and son to office and school I spent my day talking with myself and singing along with kishore da, latha gi, and sonu nigham….Ya I mean with vividh bharathi. After its arrival everything changed. I started talking with it for long hours…and sharing my silly silly complaints with it even knowing that it won’t understand my sayings and can’t respond as me. But I use to do it.

    It became a habitual to me to talk with it...and spending my days with its chirruping. I felt a relief…. while looking deep into its glistening eyes. I allowed it to peck my hands. It’s mischief inside the cage made me to smile. Thus it began to paint my days with lots of colors.

    One day while looking into its glittering eyes I felt so guilty for it. Despite my deep love am keeping it in a blocked cage, preventing it from flying in the horizon, made me so ashamed. I felt how much am being cruel to it…..just for my pleasure. When we start loving someone so deeply we start thinking about their happiness than ours. So, I decided not to do this to someone whom am loving than that of my life.

    Yesterday I took it and patted along its soft and smooth feathers. It didn’t aware that am doing it for the last time. I kissed it deeply and allowed it to fly away….It flown afar ….far…so far from me….

    After its leaving I realized how much alone am now. No one is here to chat. I know I have to get use to this silence where I can hear only my own echo now…

    Are you hearing my muttering my dear bird? If so…..I bless you all the happiness that this world can give you. I do expect your glimpse in my courtyard. You are always welcome to here….do mess here how much you can. I wont say anything…and make here untidy ….Do chirrup loudly that it can make echo forever….But before leaving do leave your gift for me once again as you did….Ya ..Your precious soft feather….let me keep it deep inside my heart for ever.

    Bye Bye My Dear Sweet Bird…I waved my hand keeping that soft feather so close to my heart.


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    a true thing

    like it is said if you love someone set it free if it turns back it loves you otherwise it was never yours

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    Though you are a law breaker its so nice to hear from you.....

    I ddnt set free my tiny bird to come back yar....I did it Only for seeing it in the happiness of this world's blue horizon......

    Actually the fact is am so coward to face the truth...If it wont come back I have to admitt that it doesn't loves me...and I dont want to admitt it is better to think like this that I left it for seeing it in happiness of freedom.....Say am so cunning na? That is a writer.

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    nice one hemasnair.....that is love in giving not in lies in sacrifice...

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    Though I made delay to thank accept my heartful of thanks for ur posts.....Thanks.

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    Though I made delay to thank accept my heartful of thanks for ur posts.....Thanks.

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    sorry I forgot to mention ur name....casper and coolestnapster.......thank you....!

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