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Thread: How to Restart others cell phones using Blue-tooth....

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    How to Restart others cell phones using Blue-tooth....

    " Jay "
    then copy the text of the file from ur phone using the copy feature of s60 phones and rename ur bluetooth name by pasting the text u hv copied[its done by holding the pencil button and then selecting wat is to coppied ...the copy option comes on its own....and jahan paste karana hai press the pencil button 4 about 2 secs and the the paste option will come].
    Now switch on ur bluetooth, whenever anybody tries to search nearby bluetooh devices to send files, his phone will restart .
    This process will go on and on if he tries to send u files.
    So just call ur frnds and silently switch on ur bluettoh and when they try to send files to each other their phone will restart.

    Works on all bluethooth enabled phone.xept for ngage(ive noticed this .... if dosent work 4 some others
    plz inforn in the post)


    Dont try to change nything .... well u can change bt u have to b carefull otherwise it wont work
    is main kuch 1 and a half spaces ka chakkar hai

    NY1 who could explain what Xactly happens here......?????

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    can u tell a bit more in detail abt this bluetooth restart option,,, i cant understand what u tried to tell, or u can mail the procedure to me at [email protected]

    thank you

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    i never got u man what u wanna say plz can u be more specific......

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