Mexico City students turn their nation's traditional vegetables and fruits into clothes to celebrate Mexico's culinary culture.

Students in Mexico City are offering up a taste of their country's heritage as Mexico celebrates 200 years of independence.

Students from Sor Juana University's gastronomy school are crossing over into design and creating clothing made from traditional Mexican food.

These outfits are made from little more than vegetables and are adorned with intricate detailing, made from coffee beans, corn, raisins, chilies and more.

Designer Alejandra Campos says the fashion show highlights foods that have been at the centre of Mexican culture since before the arrival of any Spanish influence.

[Alejandra Campos, Designer]:
"All of these foods can be found here and we've used them since before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. It shows what the base of Mexican food is and what the foods are that have been here since the beginning of our culture."

The fashion show also boasted edible accessories—from these shoes, to the necklace, to the embellished headpiece.

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