We would like to share with you this video named Enchanting Nature of Malaysia. The video shows the natural habitats such as the flora & fauna, mangroves, Mountain Kinabalu (UNESCO site & SE Asia highest), 130 millions year-old rainforests & caves and wildlife - animals, mammals, insects and birds.

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Locals and foreign visitors have been taking up the Special Interest exploration as such led by our very experienced Nature Guides. The programmes include the Day or Night Trekking in the forest. The shorter trails are guided with signage. The Night Trekking enables one to see some wildlife that glow in the dark and by luck a possibility in spotting the Malaysian pygmy elephants. Wildlife Rehabilitation allows one to come up-close with the animals.

The expedition also includes the opportunity for one to walk on the longest canopy in the world, air trekking the tallest tropical tree in the world, adventure caving and visiting a stalactite cave that is listed as the UNESCO Site, river safari and white water rafting, 4-wheel drive, biking and horse riding trails.


This video was produced by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in 2007 during our 50th Independence.

Several people have asked us about Malaysia. Many have mistakenly thought Malaysia is Indonesia or Philippines. Hence, we uploaded the videos as to share it with the general public.

Thank you for watching