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Thread: A prayer for our times !...

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    A prayer for our times !...

    [sharing what was shared with me]
    Dear God

    Every single evening
    As I'm lying here in bed,
    This tiny little Prayer
    Keeps running through my head :

    God Bless all my family
    Wherever they may be,
    Keep them warm
    And safe from harm
    For they're so close to me.

    And God, there is one more thing
    I wish that you could do :
    Hope you don't mind me asking,
    Please bless my Computer too !

    Now I know that it's unusual
    To Bless a Motherboard.
    But listen just a second
    While I explain it to you, Lord.

    You see, that little metal box
    Holds more than odds and ends :
    Inside those small compartments
    Are so many of my friends !

    I know so much about them
    By the kindness that they give,
    And this little scrap of metal
    Takes me in to where they live.

    By faith is how I know them,
    Much the same as you !
    We share in what life brings us
    And from that our friendships grew...

    Please take an extra minute
    From your duties up above,
    To bless those in my Address Book
    That's filled with so much love !

    Wherever else this prayer may reach
    To each and every friend,
    Bless each e-mail Inbox
    And each person who hits 'Send'.

    When you update your Heavenly list
    On your own Great CD-ROM,
    Bless everyone who says this Prayer
    Sent up to !

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    god have more than you asked by this funny way ,
    so i asked god all the best for all whom love god.

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    Beautiful Share ,

    Thanx, Bro !

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    thanx for sharing bro

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    thanks sis

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