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Thread: Life Always Has Challenges

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    Life Always Has Challenges

    Sometimes the world appears
    To be spinning out of control.
    Sometimes there seems to be no end
    To the distressing news.

    Sometimes it feels like troubles
    Are being piled on top of troubles.
    Sometimes it can look as if there
    Could never be a way forward.

    And yet, that way forward is always
    As close as your next thought.
    For no matter how difficult and discouraging
    Life may have become, with each dawning moment,
    A new world of positive possibilities opens up to you.

    From the darkest depths of despair,
    Hope does indeed grow and take flight.
    Out of difficult situations, new strategies emerge
    For creating real value and spreading life's goodness.

    Remember that the future does not have to be
    An extension of the past.
    For you can act right now to create
    That future out of the abundance of positive possibilities.

    Life always has its challenges,
    And those challenges are what enable you
    To bring real value to life.
    Whatever the circumstance,
    Step boldly forward and
    Choose to move the world positively ahead...


    - Author Unknown

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    Amazin post , thanx for sharin !

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    good post........

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    zabardast......................................... ..

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