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Thread: Quitting Cigarettes & Weed - Need some help and support

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    Quitting Cigarettes & Weed - Need some help and support

    I started smoking cigarettes and weed at the same time when I was 19 ! Both were serious addictions especially when I started University. I needed 3 to 4 joints each night to get to sleep and about 15 cigarettes during the day to have a 'normal' state of mind!


    Since most people in my block, all smoke bud and cigs, its always been extremely hard to quit as there was always a reason to celebrate and have a smoke (weed or cig)! However, I love sleeping and thats where i started feeling some serious effects: not waking up in the morning on time, not getting to sleep until late, harsh coughing sessions in the morning, no energy or sense of rest!

    I have tried to go cold turkey since 6 days already but I am not going to lie, I always had the occasional one cigarette (particularly at night) which I would get off someone on the street! As for weed, the first 5 days were harsh but since then I have not had any contact with it (talking about it and etc.) Otherwise during the day, I had no problem controlling myself except when I saw other people smoking and smelled the smoke of cig.

    Well, I need some and some advice as I feel deadly close to going back to cigarettes and weed. The problem is that if I start smoking cigarettes again I'll start smoking weed again.

    any support or help is most welcome

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