Very long ago an emperor was speaking to one of his palace guards ..
Saying to him..
Ride your horse and run on him as much as possible..
When the last point where the stop will become. All the lands that you ran on will be owned to you.
* Go ahead *
The knight ride his horse speeded as hard as he can without taking any rest ..
Because once he stop the offer will end ..
He continued, whatever felt with hunger or thirst, or fatigue did not care about this!!!
Until being so tired of fatigue and unable to move because of exhaustion, hunger;thirst and pain ..
Although that he did a very long distance more than expected ..
But he became in a case of dying.
He was already dying!!!
He asked himself : Why do all this effort?
Why did I stress myself in this way?
Why pushed myself to cover the largest possible area ..
And now while I am dying I do not need only a small area to bury in.
Then the knight died…
This is life.
We push ourselves along our life to make more money…More savings.
If we covered our basic needs, we strive to get our luxury needs..
And if we covered our luxury needs, we strive to get our luxury luxuries!
Is this the reason that we created for?
Is this our real purpose in life?
If we look behind us in one day we will find that we do not do anything ..
If we thought that life is only for pleasures and comforts!
Work for that day which will not avail you anything neither the horse nor the land of emperor
And now do you know the real meaning of life?