Two men were standing at the pearly gates waiting to get in.

Man A asks: "So, how did you die if you don't mind my asking?"

Man B: "Well! I froze to death".

Man A: "Wow! How does that feel?"

Man B: "Well! You feel fold, your veins freeze up and your heart stops. How did you die?"

Man.A: "I had a heart attack".

Man B:"How did that happen?"

Man A: "Well I got home from work early one day and my wife was in her silky lingerie with table set for two. I knew she was having an affair. I ran to the garage, but no one was there, So I ran to the basement. No one there. Then I started to run up the stairs and had the heart attack.".


Man B: "If you had looked into the freezer, you would have saved both our lives!"