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Thread: New Year Souvenir - Very Important

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    New Year Souvenir - Very Important

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Size:  131.8 KB•What Is Wellness ?

    Wellness is an approach to life where you aim at recognizing the risk factors that could lead to life-threatening diseases in the future and thereafter work towards reducing them.

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Size:  126.7 KBThe 5 “W” Plan
    1. What you eat ? 2. When you eat ? 3. Where you eat ? 4. Why you eat ? 5. Way you eat ?

    What you eat ?
    You must have a balanced diet containing all the nutrients and the micro-nutrients required for good health and well-being.
    Proteins,carbohydrates and fats provide the nutrients. Vitamins and minerals provide the micro-nutrients.Include fibre in your diet.
    Be careful about your fat intake. Fat can be saturated and unsaturated. Avoid all saturated fat.
    Restrict your salt and sugar intake. It is better to restrict it now rather that having to stop it totally once you develop High BP or Diabetes.

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Size:  80.9 KBWhen you eat ?
    Like we have a time for everything, set aside a time for your breakfast ,lunch and dinner too. Eat so as to facilitate your natural body cycles. Instead of eating big meals, have more smaller meals at regular intervals. Never sleep immediately after your meals. Sleep after about 2 hours Never eat immediately before any exercises. Exercise only 2 hours after your meals.
    Where do you eat ?
    Do we ever sleep in the kitchen ? Like wise, decide on one place in your house or office where you will eat your food. It make a lot of difference to your digestive system. While eating your meals, concentrate only on eating and nothing else. We need to be role models for our children.

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